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I was recently giving a workshop in collaboration with STEIM and The Patching Zone at the CKC in Zoutermeer for their new Digital Arts Lab. The subjects to cover were Processing, Arduino, and basic circuit building – with some people who had very limited (or none at all) experience of programming or electronics, and all […]

As with much of my previous work posted on this blog, this experiment deals with the correlation between site and sound – in this case the site is virtual, and is made tangible through the controlling of sound. This piece is not necessarily intended as an artwork. Rather, it is a simple attempt to display […]

/* Because the previous version suffered from lag when rendering, I redid it and adjusted it slightly – getting rid of the bugs/memory issues. */ Data visualised in Processing. The radius of the circle is generated by realtime distance calculations with a maxbotix EZ3 ultrasonic sensor interfacing with an arduino. Radius Music will be shown […]

Rough clip illustrating the IR Distance Sensor on rotating assembly sending data to computer.

Early experiments in visualising test data received from a distance sensor. Using sharp IR sensor, arduino, and processing.