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Inspired by Carsten Nicolai’s Grid Index and Moire Index, and the ambient dynamic screens of Brian Eno, I have been working on creating some generative animations based on simple sinewave manipulations. In this case, a sinewave algorithm manipulates the greyscale value of each pixel in the animation. A secondary sinewave algorithm manipulates the phase position […]

Perlin noise curves generated in processing. Play with the live version here.

An experiment exhibited as part of the Darklight 2010 Film Festival at Filmbase, in Temple Bar. The piece was included in the Dodo Collective exhibition Points of Departure. The piece is essentially a data visualisation, illustrating the waveforms as a virtual landscape in order to generate an audio-responsive narrative. The pure data patch and subsequent […]

I was playing around with Mike Davis’ Conway processing sketch and found it to be quite addictive. It is a perfect example of very limited and simple rules generating highly complex and indeterminate behaviour – and despite this apparent “randomness”, it’s fascinating how a number of recognisable patterns emerge out of the system. I haven’t […]

//maximize images for clarity! Images of musical interface based on phasing patterns. Front-end visuals built in Processing, with sound synthesis currently being designed in Pure Data. Source code and demos will follow shortly. “Satellites” are added to a screen by a user, who also specifies a sonic frequency (indicated by colour) associated with that satellite, […]

Link to source code and online java applet: Trademark_Electric_Painting is an examination of corporate colour coding and advertising practice. The act of a colour-ownership is synonymous with the capitalist mode of mass production – a useful tool in infiltrating the subconscious of a target audience throughout a campaign of reminder advertising. This project subverts […]