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Link to source code and online java applet: Trademark_Electric_Painting is an examination of corporate colour coding and advertising practice. The act of a colour-ownership is synonymous with the capitalist mode of mass production – a useful tool in infiltrating the subconscious of a target audience throughout a campaign of reminder advertising. This project subverts […]

A documentation of an installation test of Fibonacci Music now online at vimeo. Basic rule system: int scale = 15; //how many notes in the scale, must be greater than zero F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2); //recursive fibonacci algorithm F(0) = 1; //seed value F(1) = 1; //seed value return result; //variable to store current […]

Generative logo for Exchange Dublin: a NodeNet responding to simple physics engine. Check it out in its habitat @ Or view the source, Luke, @

if (random(0, 1.0) < 0.5){ return true; } Very simple computer randomness test: if computer selects a number between 0.5-1, a black square is drawn. Else, a filled square is drawn.

City Generator


Images from processing sketch using fractals to draw city structures. The code draws two identical cities, but positioned in reflection to one another: day changes to night, and the cities can be explored through interactions with the mouse. In Italo Calvino’s novel Invisible Cities, he describes a city called Valdrada: “The ancients built Valdrada on […]

Processing sketch that generates randomised 3d fractal forms. Uploaded to openprocessing for your procrastinating pleasure.

Rough clip illustrating the IR Distance Sensor on rotating assembly sending data to computer.


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