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Back in May, a realtime version of my audio/visual software Soundscape[Topology] was installed at In Flux Festival in Limerick, Ireland, hosted by Occupy Space. A disused new development in Limerick’s city centre became a makeshift gallery space, with various exhibitions curated by studios and gallery spaces from around Ireland and Europe taking place over six […]

In the exhibition Cloudbusters the two artists search the boundaries of our beliefs, whether the practice is artistic or scientific, evidence of ‘the search’ is what we have for the moment. For the last three weeks I have been working with curator John De Weerd and the rest of the team at TAG in Den […]

I was recently giving a workshop in collaboration with STEIM and The Patching Zone at the CKC in Zoutermeer for their new Digital Arts Lab. The subjects to cover were Processing, Arduino, and basic circuit building – with some people who had very limited (or none at all) experience of programming or electronics, and all […]

I was delighted to be hired by NIMK as a technical assistant for the Museum Nacht set-up. Museum Nacht is a night in Amsterdam where a lot of museums and galleries stay open late and basically throw a big party with all kinds of unusual live acts and curious installations. Because of the exhibition that […]

Images taken around Amsterdam, and of the STEIM building on the day of Wouter Jaspers discussion on his approach to performing experimental music professionally. Also included is a photograph of his current performance set-up, including custom analog synths, effects pedals, contact microphones, and electric food mixers.

I have finally got around to uploading the slides from my talk at the Science Gallery in Dublin last July. Obviously without the discussion to go along with them they are slightly out of context, but the general progression of the talk rooted the place of algorithmic systems in music history, then compared these ideas […]