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To continue with the previous week’s theme of low-fi, glitch, and distortion, I have built a small analog synthesizer that produces very unpredictable and noisy sounds as soon as it is turned on. It also has an ultraviolet status led ; ) The circuit is essentially the famous Atari Punk Console (but slightly customised), and […]

An experiment exhibited as part of the Darklight 2010 Film Festival at Filmbase, in Temple Bar. The piece was included in the Dodo Collective exhibition Points of Departure. The piece is essentially a data visualisation, illustrating the waveforms as a virtual landscape in order to generate an audio-responsive narrative. The pure data patch and subsequent […]

As with much of my previous work posted on this blog, this experiment deals with the correlation between site and sound – in this case the site is virtual, and is made tangible through the controlling of sound. This piece is not necessarily intended as an artwork. Rather, it is a simple attempt to display […]

Thanks to Patrick Hough @ for the image capturing. //Excuse the strange video encoding – lost my video editing software due to laptop trouble. Will fix soon. Performance with Electribe Er1 MkII and Sp404 sampler, with visuals provided by the silent classic Man With a Movie Camera.

This sound work consists of a Pure Data patch that uses a feedback delay system to modify an audio sample of a person descending a concrete staircase. At first, the sound is recognisable and rhythmic: the reverberations in the concrete stairwell are clearly audible. Slowly the sound begins to layer and slip out of synchronisation […]