Cube-Mapping FFT Analysis


As with much of my previous work posted on this blog, this experiment deals with the correlation between site and sound – in this case the site is virtual, and is made tangible through the controlling of sound. This piece is not necessarily intended as an artwork. Rather, it is a simple attempt to display sound as information and to allow a user to visualise the spatial relationships between the multiple sonic frequencies that comprises a harmony. The user will be able to control multiple oscillators through an arduino interface routed into pure data. Processing will fft these oscillator values (analyse the entire sound wave and pick out the individual frequencies that make up the sound wave), and display the results as a cube of grids – ie one grid on each face of the cube. Interesting visual patterns result as the frequency values highlights different segments of grids on the cube.

For more information on the maths behind the Fourier transform, click here.


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