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We are once again collaborating with the Darklight Film Festival in Dublin to exhibit a range of artworks and experiments by the collective members. The work will be on show in Filmbase, Curved St, Templebar, on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October. Points of Departure is the fourth Dodo Collective exhibition, but the first in […]

As with much of my previous work posted on this blog, this experiment deals with the correlation between site and sound – in this case the site is virtual, and is made tangible through the controlling of sound. This piece is not necessarily intended as an artwork. Rather, it is a simple attempt to display […]

//maximize images for clarity! Images of musical interface based on phasing patterns. Front-end visuals built in Processing, with sound synthesis currently being designed in Pure Data. Source code and demos will follow shortly. “Satellites” are added to a screen by a user, who also specifies a sonic frequency (indicated by colour) associated with that satellite, […]

Generative logo for Exchange Dublin: a NodeNet responding to simple physics engine. Check it out in its habitat @ Or view the source, Luke, @

The DodoCollective’s third exhibition opens tomorrow (Thursday 3rd) at approx 6pm, and will run until the 13th of December. Opening hours: 12pm-11pm. At ExchangeDublin: DodoCollective website:

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