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Play with the sketch on openprocessing. This project attempts to visualise the influence Facebook has on Europe’s population of internet users. The data is shown per country – the larger blue circle represents the percentage of the population with internet access, the inner white circle represents the Facebook penetration rate. If the two circles are […]



Data visualisation of distance sensor over time. Radius = distance between sensor and detected object.

A processing sketch draws a path describing the distance between a revolving ultrasonic distance sensor and another object in a room (ie a wall, a chair, or a person etc). One full scan of a room (one full revolution of the sensor) takes about 1 second. I took the processing drawings and imported them into […]

New audiowork uploaded to vimeo. Simple visuals in Processing.

if (random(0, 1.0) < 0.5){ return true; } Very simple computer randomness test: if computer selects a number between 0.5-1, a black square is drawn. Else, a filled square is drawn.