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//maximize images for clarity! Images of musical interface based on phasing patterns. Front-end visuals built in Processing, with sound synthesis currently being designed in Pure Data. Source code and demos will follow shortly. “Satellites” are added to a screen by a user, who also specifies a sonic frequency (indicated by colour) associated with that satellite, […]

Perhaps the final piece in the current Ambient series {although this one is not as quiet as the previous pieces}. As usual, visuals in Processing, audio made sequenced in Ableton live with recordings and samples taken from Roland Juno-D, SP-404, etc.

New (and hopefully improved) mix of Ambient: A/V 1 now online at vimeo. This piece uses the same audio source material as the version almost one year old at this stage, but now also featuring the spoken words of a 1950s UFOlogist who claimed to have been taken in his car to an abandoned cabin […]

New audiowork uploaded to vimeo. Simple visuals in Processing.

Radius Music 2


Second in Radius series.

Radius Music 1


Digital version of current project. Path rendered in Nodebox, distance between centrepoint and path calculated then sent via OSC to Max/MSP for sound output. More versions to follow.