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Some early test renders made in maya for the degree show installation of Radius_Music. Advertisements

These test renderings show 6 full revolutions of a room made by the Radius Music device. Each revolution produces a path, which is then imported into maya for extrusion and compiling the stack. Each scan is a two dimensional snapshot of how a room looked at a given time (ie the Radius Music device revolves […]

A processing sketch draws a path describing the distance between a revolving ultrasonic distance sensor and another object in a room (ie a wall, a chair, or a person etc). One full scan of a room (one full revolution of the sensor) takes about 1 second. I took the processing drawings and imported them into […]

Broken Architectural Concepts left behind in False Environments 5.

Cube Frame placed according to a manually iterated system.

Plans for dysfunctional living spaces.