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Generative logo for Exchange Dublin: a NodeNet responding to simple physics engine. Check it out in its habitat @ Or view the source, Luke, @ Advertisements

Processing sketch that generates randomised 3d fractal forms. Uploaded to openprocessing for your procrastinating pleasure.

New ambient upload with FFT spectrum analysis done in Processing. Inspired by bell ringing at a temple on the shore of lake Kawaguchi, near Mt Fuji.

Rough clip illustrating the IR Distance Sensor on rotating assembly sending data to computer.

Radius Music 2


Second in Radius series.

Early experiments in visualising test data received from a distance sensor. Using sharp IR sensor, arduino, and processing.

New upload of old sounds with new visuals. Visuals created with infra-red leds directed at hacked webcam (inverted so it only detects IR light instead of daylight). Old uploads revisited below – visuals rendered in NodeBox.