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My week residency at STEIM has rekindled interest in a project that originated out of a conversation after my talk Generating a Language/Documenting a Performance at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. The conversation was with Ivan Twohig, a Dublin-based artist, who suggested other ways of dealing with the Radius Music data in a more […]

Beta patch for a Pure Data step sequencer. At the moment it is completely controlled by mouse but I might try and extend the interface to arduino. Audio samples added above, click read more below to see the code.

//maximize images for clarity! Images of musical interface based on phasing patterns. Front-end visuals built in Processing, with sound synthesis currently being designed in Pure Data. Source code and demos will follow shortly. “Satellites” are added to a screen by a user, who also specifies a sonic frequency (indicated by colour) associated with that satellite, […]

On July 29th, I gave a talk at the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin (as part of DATA and BioRhythm) about my project Radius Music, and a brief history of notational systems for music. For more information on the evening, visit: Slideshow will be uploaded soon.

Filmed/edited by Simon McKeagney.

Radius Music installed.