Soundscape[Topology] at In Flux Festival, Limerick, May 2011


Back in May, a realtime version of my audio/visual software Soundscape[Topology] was installed at In Flux Festival in Limerick, Ireland, hosted by Occupy Space. A disused new development in Limerick’s city centre became a makeshift gallery space, with various exhibitions curated by studios and gallery spaces from around Ireland and Europe taking place over six floors.

Project Statement:
Soundscape[Topology] is an interactive audio/visual artwork built in Processing. The piece makes use of a microphone, which records the ambient sounds of the room into the computer. The custom Processing sketch draws the waveforms of these sounds onto the screen as a three dimensional topology, in an attempt to draw attention to their physicality. Along with this, we see a direct relationship between the macro and the micro: the virtual sonic landscape has an uncanny resemblance to the forms and undulations of the physical topologies around us. From viewing this work, we can see sound as the characteristics of our environment: sinewaves produce low, rolling hill-like forms, while electronic man-made sounds produce more architectural and inorganic shapes.

Statement from Occupy Space:

Occupy Space are proud to present in_flux, a large scale alternative art fair exhibition which brings together ten artist-led project spaces from Ireland, UK and Europe. This temporary hub invites the public and art practitioners to engaging in a weekend of performances, screenings, exhibitions, art viewing and dialogue.

This project considers the model of artist-led spaces, which provide alternative frameworks for art practices and represent communities where ‘doing-it-yourself’ and experimentation are key activities. Artist-led spaces are vital, energetic elements of the visual art fabric of many cities. This exhibition, consisting of pop-up galleries from each artist-led space, makes reference to an non-traditional art-fair format in which non-profit artist-led spaces present exhibitions rather than commercial galleries striving to sell work.

Artist-led spaces participating in in_flux include:

126, Galway
Block T, Dublin
Transmission, Glasgow
Basement Project Space, Cork
Transition, London
Monster Truck, Dublin
Wolfart, Rotterdam
Catalyst, Belfast
SOMA, Waterford
1646, The Hague


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