Generative Visuals


Inspired by Carsten Nicolai’s Grid Index and Moire Index, and the ambient dynamic screens of Brian Eno, I have been working on creating some generative animations based on simple sinewave manipulations. In this case, a sinewave algorithm manipulates the greyscale value of each pixel in the animation. A secondary sinewave algorithm manipulates the phase position of the first sinewave, as a result producing these very intricate repeat-patterns.

View the animation online here.

Read on for sourcecode


float time;
void setup() {
  size(470, 360);

void draw() {
  for (int i=1; i<width-1; i++) { 
    for (int j=1; j<height-1; j++) {
      pixels[j*width+i] = color(sineWave(255, i*j, 10, sineWave(155, i*j, 10, time)));

float sineWave(float a, float t, float freq, float phase) {
  float sine = (a*(sin(radians(freq*t)+phase)));
  sine = map(sine, -a, a, 0, a);
  return sine;


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