Cloudbusters Exhibition at TAG, Den Haag


In the exhibition Cloudbusters the two artists search the boundaries of our beliefs, whether the practice is artistic or scientific, evidence of ‘the search’ is what we have for the moment.

For the last three weeks I have been working with curator John De Weerd and the rest of the team at TAG in Den Haag on the production of this show. I was delighted to be able to assist in the realisation of an ambitious and – in my opinion – very successful exhibition. Agnes Meyer-Brandis’ Cloud Core Scanner, Fluid Matter, and their associated documentation, along with Edwin Deen’s piece Liquid Rainbow and one of his collections of flourescent objects are on display until April 24th. Meyer-Brandis will perform her piece Making Clouds, or On the Absence of Weight on Sunday the 20th March at 19.00 at TAG.

For more information, please visit:
Agnes Meyer-Brandis website
Edwin Deen website
Review of the show on PeoplesForeignExchange blog


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