Link to source code and online java applet:

Trademark_Electric_Painting is an examination of corporate colour coding and advertising practice. The act of a colour-ownership is synonymous with the capitalist mode of mass production – a useful tool in infiltrating the subconscious of a target audience throughout a campaign of reminder advertising. This project subverts these ideas of the trademark and colour branding by taking a reading of the most dominant colours in some of Europe’s most recognisable brands, and generating an abstract/glitch visual composition based on them.

Because the compositions are automatically computer generated, one could view the piece as being an ironic synthesis of an art factory: a machine that constantly generates new “electric paintings” based on the detritus and glitches of some of the world’s most powerful brand identities.


One Response to “TradeMark_Electric_Painting”

  1. I’m digging this son.

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