Sounds From Within The Building


An Electric Jellyfish floats around a dark space, pulsing and responding to electro-magnetic frequencies recorded in the building it is displayed in.
Made for In Silence, an exhibition of silent artworks in ExchangeDublin.
Coded in Processing, with thanks to Marius Watz for his 3d revolve sketch.

“Try as we may to make a silence, we cannot” John Cage
Electrical sounds, normally unheard and reflexively ignored by human ears, are ubiquitous. Flourescent lights, mobile phone chargers, televisions, household appliances, electricity pylons: all emit persistent frequencies that in some extreme cases can even cause psychological disorders. The piece is an audio spectrum analysis (allowing the viewer to see the various frequencies present in the electrical interference) compiled from field recordings of the Exchange building’s electrical devices, allowing us to visually examine the near-silent presence of electrical interference within the building.


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