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Sourcecode for a sketch built with processing (in eclipse). The user can add frames from a video input source to a loop by pressing the mousebutton.

Realtime color manipulation from a webcam input using the Nes Colorizer Processing sketch. The footage is of the Stille Verkade in Den Haag.

To continue with the previous week’s theme of low-fi, glitch, and distortion, I have built a small analog synthesizer that produces very unpredictable and noisy sounds as soon as it is turned on. It also has an ultraviolet status led ; ) The circuit is essentially the famous Atari Punk Console (but slightly customised), and […]

Processing source code. Draws NES colour-palletized webcam input to the screen. Read more about the NES colour palette here. Many thanks to The Almighty Guru site for the NES Hacker wiki entry with the RGB values list.

Hacked together a processing sketch this afternoon that converts an image or a live video stream from a webcam into the lovely Nintendo Entertainment System colour palette. The code horizontally and vertically samples every n number of pixels of the video stream or image, and picks the closest available colour from the NES palette. The […]

Perlin noise curves generated in processing. Play with the live version here.

Interactive version now available on openprocessing.

An experiment for a short project brief called Mapping a Medium. Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology. Through open platforms for exchange and collaboration, our website serves to encourage and expand the communities around these practices. Our programs, many of which happen online, include […]

I was recently giving a workshop in collaboration with STEIM and The Patching Zone at the CKC in Zoutermeer for their new Digital Arts Lab. The subjects to cover were Processing, Arduino, and basic circuit building – with some people who had very limited (or none at all) experience of programming or electronics, and all […]

Have been playing around with some basic webcam feed manipulation in Processing. The sketch essentially works like this: Get an array of brightness values from the webcam feed at fixed x and y increments – at point(x, y). Set the z value of our point(x, y) based on its brightness. Draw grid-mesh based on this […]


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